Earthen Plasters

Types of Plaster Installed by GMB

Earthen Plasters & Mud Plasters

Earthen plasters date back thousands of years. For as long as humans have been building shelters out of mud and grass, they have likely been coating interior and exterior walls with earthen materials to safeguard against wind and weather. Although earthen plasters may seem like an anachronism in a world of sophisticated building materials, they are a highly appropriate choice for homes in many climates, from hot and arid to cold and rainy, provided walls are protected from rain. They provide durable, protective wall finishes far more breathable than modern substitutes. Suitable for both interior and exterior walls, earthen and mud plasters typically consist of local clay-rich subsoil.

Lime Plasters

Lime plaster is the original type of plaster used in historic buildings. A simple mixture of quicklime, water, horsehair, and sand it creates a durable and workable plaster that can stand the test of centuries. When compared to gypsum based plasters, lime plaster requires a thinner base coats and subsequent coats, while possessing much of the same attributes of traditional three-layer plaster applications.

Making quicklime is a simple and ancient tradition. Lime (either from ground limestone, or pulverized oyster shells) is ‘burnt’ in a Lime kiln to produce quicklime. This process produces high Calcium Oxide Quicklime. Mixing water and Quicklime hydrates the powder and this process is said to “slake” the mixture. Once the lime and water has cooled, it is mixed with sand, long animal hair, and additional water until it reaches an appropriate consistency. From there, it can be troweled on to the substrate which is commonly wood or metal lath, brick or stone.

Decorative Finishes

Variance® is a line of acrylic plaster finishes that are both beautiful and durable. The many options of textures along with endless color choices will allow you to select a stunning finish that meets both your functional and design requirements, for the interior or exterior.

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